Who We Are

Summerhill Gardens Dental continues to offer a wide range of dental services in the GTA!

It began with the dental practice of Dr. U.L Abe at his office located at the intersection of Avenue Road and Eglington. We are proud to continue to aspire to Dr. Abe’s high standards of care and practice – since 2002 at our new location near the Summerhill Subway Station. Dr. Abe remains our friend and our mentor. So many of the dental restorations placed by his skillful hands remain intact in the mouths of our patients, beating all the odds and scientific calculations.

We like to view ourselves not merely as a dental team but as members of the Summerhill Gardens Dental family, with all our patients as honorary members of this family.~Dr. Marika Dekanoidze, D.D.S.(The Summerhill Gardens Dental team)~


Dr. Marika Marika Dekanoidze, D.D.S.

Doctor of Dental Surgery

“Dr. Marika” is a graduate of both the University of Moscow and the University of Toronto. She is also a part-time teacher of prosthodontics at the University of Toronto. She enjoys teaching and such demanding work helps her to stay academically up to date, thus greatly benefitting her patients. She acquired a Specialty Certificate in Prosthodontics from the Moscow Dental School. She is considered a General Dentist in Ontario. She has an aesthetic-oriented, conservative approach to dentistry. Her special passion lies in the area of orthodontic treatment for adults and teenagers. She advocates removable orthodontics and Invisalign treatment for many of her patients. In 2006, she was judged an Invisalign Premier Provider. Almost every year after 2008 she was judged Invisalign Premier Provider with Elite Honour (awarded by Align Technology). She became the first General Dentist in all of Canada to receive this honour. Dr. Marika has a strong artistic approach to dental appearance, coupled with cost-conscious and conservative considerations. She will present you with a well-rounded treatment plan. It might include dental cleaning, filings, Invisalign and Lumineers, as recommended. Her plan might put you on a recall program that will help you to ensure the health of your teeth and gums for many years to come. She will present you with all possible treatment options, and will want to explain every procedure in great detail. She may offer you special patient-education software to view. She believes in patient education and she invests time and money to offer each patient the essential background information. As the head of the office, Dr. Marika encourages her assistants to maintain their professional standards and to establish warm relations with each other and our patients. She sponsors and organizes opportunities for her assistants to take continuing-education courses and to attend seminars and conventions. Dr. Marika Dekanoidze is a president and founding member of HAPA. She is a member of the Ontario Dental Association and the International Association of Dentists. IAD included Dr. Marika Dekanoidze to be published in the Leading Physicians of the World Publication.

Dr. Marika is also a volunteer at Evergreen – providing free dentistry to underprivileged youth.  At the same time, she is currently working on:
-The brand new Classification of Misalignment
-Conservative Enhancement Orthodontics
With her passion for patients and excitement to always be learning, she embraces the principles of a CEO who cares.