Who We Are

Summerhill Gardens Dental continues to offer a wide range of dental services in the GTA!

It began with the dental practice of Dr. U.L Abe at his office located at the intersection of Avenue Road and Eglington. We are proud to continue to aspire to Dr. Abe’s high standards of care and practice – since 2002 at our new location near the Summerhill Subway Station. Dr. Abe remains our friend and our mentor. So many of the dental restorations placed by his skillful hands remain intact in the mouths of our patients, beating all the odds and scientific calculations.

We like to view ourselves not merely as a dental team but as members of the Summerhill Gardens Dental family, with all our patients as honorary members of this family.~Dr. Marika Dekanoidze, D.D.S.(The Summerhill Gardens Dental team)~


Marika Dekanoidze, D.D.S. – Doctor of Dental Surgery

Dr. Marika Dekanoidze was born on in the Moscow Russia and has a mixed background and stimulating upbringing. Both her father and grandfather were closely entrenched in the world of politics. Her father dedicated a great deal of his professional career to fighting for the rights of minorities within the country, while both her mother and grandmother were immersed in music and performance art. Her mother is a musician while her grandmother was an actress, who performed at the front lines during World War II, raising the morale of the soldiers before they went to battle.

Dr. Marika graduated from the Moscow State University School of Dentistry and as well as The University of Toronto as a Doctor of Dental Surgery. She also holds a speciality licence in Prosthodontics from the Moscow State University School of Dentistry (1995). She has maintained the Summerhill Gardens Dental private practice since 2002 in the midtown Toronto area, and continues to do so to this day.

From the onset of her professional career, Dr. Marika has upheld a holistic approach to dentistry, which had ultimately lead her to from the Holistic Approach Professional Association (HAPA-id Alliance). The organization is built upon the foundational principle of “integration of the body as a whole” in conjunction with the not-so-trivial concept of the unity of the mind, body and spirit.

The conservative approach to medical treatment has been the defining philosophy in her practice of dentistry. She advocates for the shift in perspective from the dogmatic approach to that of the individual patient oriented approach centred around the patient Chief Complaint and Chief Objective.

Her professional passion lies in the field of Clear Aligner Orthodontics (Invisalign). She has successfully treated over 1,900 patients using Clear Aligners and continues to build on those numbers. In the summer of 2017, Dr. Marika Dekanoidze has been awarded the Top 1% Provider status in North America, given to her by Align Technology (no to be confused with RCDSO Qualifications). She was the first female awarded this ranking and currently holds the VIP Provider status within Align Technology.

Simply put, Dr. Marika is a humanist. Her famous quote – “Affordable access for everyone” – earned her a reputation as a genuine advocate for absolute equality in healthcare. By providing treatment modalities that had otherwise been enjoyed by the wealthy and elite, Dr. Marika has lived up to this reputation by creating a window for those who could not previously afford them.

The establishment of a highly effective and efficient business model which has allowed her patients to obtain orthodontic treatment at a fraction of the average costs has lead to the birth of the Lemala Dental Group. In light of the increasing demand and the need to serve the public more efficiently, the Lemala Dental group became involved in creating Canada’s first dental franchise chain of dental clinic which cater to provide traditionally costly treatments (i,e. Invisalign) at an affordable and deeply discounted rate, while still maintaining the quality and professional outcome.

In the spring of 2017, to better serve the public, the Wynford location was opened. While keeping the same winning formula, including the rotation of the same support staff through out the two clinics, Dr. Marika continues to provide affordable dental care in response to the surging demand within the public. As a result, additional clinics are due to open up across Canada and the US.

One of her crown achievements in the field of dentistry, Dr. Marika has formulated a brand new Classification of Misalignment, which identifies patterns of typical crowding and spacing of the teeth.

Coining the CEO Principle or the Conservative Enhancement Orthodontics, Dr. Marika has been able to take on cases which had been given up on in the past. These “hopeless” cases were often given limited and astronomically expensive options for treatment which included maxilofacial surgeries, extractions and years of braces. However, through the utilization of the CEO Principle, Dr. Marika has given these patients more than one reason to smile, both effectively restoring their disabled bites while maintaining their financial capabilities.

Dr. Marika is a member of the Leading Physicians of there World Publication and she regularly donates her services through her engagement in charitable work at the Evergreen Centre for underprivileged youth.

Together with her husband, Dr. V. Zogala and her medical and management team she intends to always remain at the front lines of dedications and professionalism which puts the patients as the centre of all efforts.

In her free time she enjoys skiing, aerobics, and playing the piano. She is a mother of two boys, who both received Invisalign Treatment, and now smile with confidence in the face of a bright and successful future.