Holistic Dentistry (HAPA)


The Holistic Approach Professional Association (HAPA) is an inter-professional alliance between Medical Doctors, Naturopathic Doctors, Dentists, and more.

HAPA was founded in 2010 by Dr. Marika Dekanoidze and Dr. Thalia Charney in an effort to unite regulated healthcare professionals who share a common view on treatment and prevention that focuses on the patient as a whole. The organization is based in Toronto, Canada, and is not-for-profit.

Our mission statement is:

To unite regulated health care practitioners, with a holistic approach, in order to provide the public with exceptional care.

Holistic dentistry has yet to be recognized by the mainstream dental culture. However, naturopathic doctors and their patients understand its meaning and appreciate the benefits of the holistic approach to dentistry. Dentistry may never be 100% natural, but we are able to minimize the use of certain materials and we may devise the use of over-the-counter natural remedies to alleviate side-effects from certain medications. We always base our recommendations on the available research.

Holistic Approach Professional Association (HAPA)

We provide two different levels of membership –
Professional and Interprofessional Doctors’ Alliance (ID Alliance member)

We award Professional memberships to all registered, regulated healthcare professionals. Click here to see a full list of regulated health care professionals.

ID Alliance Membership is reserved for those who by law can use the title doctor and/or those whose doctor title is pending due regulatory process. Click here to see a full list of suggested ID Alliance professions.

Those residing outside of Ontario/Canada we grant either of the above membership levels with full permissions, excluding voting privileges.

At the discretion and upon the approval of HAPA, a category of Affiliate Members (Fitness Clubs, Medical Suppliers, Spas, etc.) will provide discounted products and services to HAPA members.

We do not place amalgam restorations. When we remove amalgams, we prevent it from being released into the environment together with non-toxic waste.

We advocate the use of removable orthodontics, as we believe that fixed braces with attached metal wires often represent major factors for gingivitis and decay, especially in the absence of meticulous and tooth-specific oral hygiene. Thus we believe that Invisalign orthodontic treatment, when applicable, is one of the best orthodontic treatment choices available at present. In certain cases it is necessary to perform fixed orthodontic therapy, especially in those instances where benefits clearly outweigh risks. Should we prescribe an antibiotic, we will always advise the patient to eat a yogurt that contains probiotic culture and to consume it within two hours after taking the antibiotic. We try to minimize the use of medical drugs for dental conditions.

Our senior patients enjoy the benefits of Sunflex vinyl flexible dentures. They are comfortable, light-weight, superbly prepared, and free of acrylics and metals.