What Canadian Writers Have to Say About Our Practice

Enjoyable visits

Few people enjoy a visit to a dentist, but I always enjoy my visits. It’s true. I enjoy going to Summerhill Gardens Dental — for three reasons.

The first reason is Dr. Marika herself, who is a most attractive and personable woman, intelligent, informed, professional, concerned, dedicated, skilled, and lively. As well, she maintains her connection with the School of Dentistry at the University of Toronto as an instructor. This association is quite important — she knows “what is going on” in dental theory and practice.

The second reason is the personal and professional calibre of her assistants, notably Roxy and Jennifer and Christina, who are top-notch and very friendly.

The third reason is the sense that I have that a group of people are dedicated to doing their best to make sure my “bite” is just right. And it is …. thanks to Dr. Marika and Summerhill Gardens Dental!

~John Robert Colombo, Canadian writer

Relief and repair

Visits to the dentist are happy occasions for me. This may be unusual for many people, but going to the dentist for me means relief and repair!

Dr. Marika has been endlessly kind and patient, as I go through adjustments to my dental work.

For reasons of professional skill and personal concern, I would recommend Dr. Marika to all those people who have known what it is to dread going to the dentist. You will be happy with Dr. Marika!

~ Ruth Colombo, retired english professor

(Emailed Reviews)

Best dentist I’ve ever had and would definitely recommend. I came it because at the time, this clinic was covered under my school’s insurance. However, I’ve been done school for 4 years and I’ve still been going back for my cleanings. They are very nice, informative and do not push any sales onto you.
Lisa S

(Google Review)

I bought a groupon for invisalign here after being quoted $7500 at another dentist in the city. I’m so glad I did, my teeth are perfect and the office was so accommodating when I needed to reschedule appointments. Would recommend to anyone especially at the amazing price I paid. Now I go to Dr. Marika for all my cleanings and fillings 🙂

Olivia E

(Google Review)

I found out about Summerhill Garden Dental on Groupon. They provide exceptional staff and the doctor really cares about her patients. I especially found reassurance in the fact that they have treated over a thousand people and are in the top category of Invisalign providers. Good deal and great results. I would recommend this office to anyone who is looking for treatment.
Julian M

(Google Review)

Great services, verry affordable, and fantastic results. Recomend this strongly to anyone who wants to improve their smile.

Daniel D

(Groupon Review)

Small entrance to a decked out artsy dental office Hence if you have a stroller, scooter, it is best to leave it outside Staffs are friendly and cordial They will make you feel at home 4 stars


(Groupon Review)

I first started coming to see Dr. Marika for general dental stuff but soon after decided to do invisalign. I saw many orthodontists who told me that I needed jar surgery to fix my teeth but I was always skeptical to follow through because it is such a serious procedure. Dr. Marika is a very conservative practioner and she assured me that surgery was not the preffered corse of action and she could fix my teeth using invisalign. 2 years has passed since that day and I am forever indebted to her.

Peter C

(Yellowpages Review)

“Found this gem of a groupon and booked a consult. I just got my second set of trays so about half way done my treatment. Great overall experience starting with the front office and extending to the professionalism and experience of Dr. Marika and Dr. Vlad. Great place.


Albert P

(Google Review)

I had an excellent experience here for a regular cleaning and polishing. Would definitely recommend.
S Freedman

(Google Review)

As a fresh transplant to Toronto, I found Summerhill Gardens Dental through Groupon and it turned out to be a great decision! The facilities are fantastic and Dr. Marika is even better! She is a caring doctor and she went above and beyond to take care of my dental needs.

Ben R

(Google Review)

Initially I was skeptical of doing Invisalign here because I thought the price was too low but once I met the doctor and she told me all about how her main goal is to provide the best in dental care to the most amount of people who can’t always afford it elsewhere, I realized that this is the place to be. I thank Dr. Marika and her staff the amazing work and I encourage anyone seeking affordable care to go here!
Mikaela D

(Google Review)

Very good and efficient service. Just started my invisalign treatment.
Kimmoni B

(Groupon Review)

I am here in St Maarten for my wedding ! thank you so much for the beautiful smile ! you changed me and changed my life ! thank you for making my straight teeth affordable for me and others like me who wouldnt even dream about it otherwise . True humanist and professional !

Amanda H

(Yellowpages Review)