Summerhill Gardens Dental has experienced both good reviews and bad reviews. We are fully transparent in addressing all reviews respectfully and actively however, we have noticed a lot of reviews from patients who don’t even exist in our database. Here are a few things we’re noticing…

In respect to hacking.
Please note that the Summerhill Gardens Dental web site been hacked with sexually harassing language, the hosting company report came back with over 10.000 attempts to log in with the wrong credentials before they were able to break in. My personal email account was also compromised in the process. With that said, our dental practice has seen someone using fake names online to post fake reviews with the wrong information. Some suspicious signs of malicious behaviour include:

phone calls with silence
strange complaints being launched
a patient physically charged at me in the operatory room
one patient told me in confidence that he has been approached with suggestions and bribery as to how to launch a “creative” complaint and was promised financial remuneration

There are a few suspicious activities that have started happening and we’re asking any individual/individuals to come forward discretely to help us fight this malicious intent. We also welcome any feedback or suggestions as to any route we can take to combat this issue.